Group Life

At Providence, we place a high premium on the centrality of the Gospel and it’s implications on all of life. For our adults, this involves both relating to one another on the foundation of Jesus’ finished work on our behalf as well as getting equipped to be Gospel ambassadors in everyday life. These two axioms form the basis for our vision for adults. There two primary mediums that we use to work this out in the life of each adult at Providence.

Community Groups

Community Groups

Our community groups are home based Gospel communities that strive to work out the implications of the Gospel in everyday rhythms of life. These groups are generally geographically based so as to wed our common rhythms together as a family of faith. Our vision is to see the Gospel integrated into the everyday rhythms we all live which are to EAT, WORK, PLAY, & REST. In turn, these groups will have a missional impact on their neighborhoods, workplaces and communities.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Sundays 9 a.m.
Sunday Morning Bible Studies are used primarily to equip our adults with a solid Biblical/ Theological foundation. We are currently using the Gospel Project. It is our vision that every adult is trained to walk well as a follower of Jesus in everyday life.


Wednesdays  6:30 | Dinner 5:45
TRAIN is our semester-based Wednesday night discipleship. There are classes for babies through 5th grade, students and adults.


Men's Ministry

There is an epidemic of a lack of men being men in our culture. Some are nothing more than boys who can shave. Others think manliness is by being the meanest, baddest, most sinful piece of work they can be, while others shrink into weak passive wimps, which is a far cry from Jesus and the picture of masculinity in the Bible. The Men’s ministry at Providence is really aimed at getting men to quit acting like idiots and follow God. To find a woman, get married, stay married for life, love her well, have kids, disciple those kids, and lead non-believers to the Lord. To do this we have men’s discipleship groups that range in size from 3-8 guys who get together to study Scripture, read good books, encourage one another, and love each other enough to confront each other when needed. This small group discipleship focus is supplemented by a yearly camping trip with lots of meat, fire, Bible, and guns!

If you are interested in joining a small group please contact


Women's Ministry

The women of Providence seek Jesus Christ together in small group settings of openness, accountability and discipleship. As we study through books and God’s word, we challenge, encourage and sharpen one another in our faith. We pray for the Spirit to transform us continually into the image of Christ so that we might live on His Mission in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and to the ends of the earth.

Small groups meet on their own a couple times per month. If you are interested in being a part of a small group, sign up at the Welcome Center.