At Providence we long to see people served and saved for the glory of our great God and King Jesus Christ. So we seek to serve the hurt, the poor, the need, and the broken and see all people come to the knowledge of the truth of the grace of God. As Jesus instructed, we want to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love our neighbors as our self.

In the Community

Serving Nolensville

We are consistently trying to incarnate the love of Jesus into our community. So instead of trying to put on events that “compete” with local community events, we simply want to be a part of what is already going on. So we lend a hand in wide variety of ways; whether that’s parking cars, running a kid’s zone, or any and everything in between. These service opportunities are largely driven by community groups and Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes, but in particular the Nolensville fourth of July celebration, Broken Wheel Festival, and Sunset Fall Festival are emphasized.

Click here for info about the Nolensville Food Pantry


Church Planting

Following the model seen in Acts as well as statistical verification, church planting is the single most effective way to evangelize and area and see communities transformed by the Gospel. In light of this, Providence seeks to be engaged in planting churches itself and at times assisting others as they seek to plant churches. The specific process of the planting of new churches will vary somewhat from church to church, but the emphasis on the heralding of the unchanging Gospel message will never change though the methodology will always be changing based upon the context of the culture of the church plant.



We are committed to advancing the Gospel through as many means possible so that all peoples will hear the good news of Jesus. We seek to partner with likeminded ministries and organizations that will help us this aim. These partnerships include orphan care, ministry to the poor and destitute, combatting human trafficking, building homes, and working with persons with special needs, as well as planting new churches. We go on regional and international trips and seek to plant new churches in our city and around the world.

Current Partnerships

Casas por Cristo
Juarez, Mexico

Not Forgotten
Iquitos, Peru

Smyrna, TN & Bangkok, Thailand

Heart of Worship
Viard, Haiti

Resonate Church
Madison, TN

International Mission Board & North American
Mission Board

Past, Present, and Future Mission Trips:

Juarez, Mexico
Iquitos, Peru
Viard, Haiti
Central Asia
Franklin, NC
Roanoke, VA