Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
You will see a lot of variety in the dress at Providence. We want people to be honest, real, and emphasize Christ.

How do you keep children and students safe at Providence?
(1) All leaders of children and students undergo a background check. (2) All children birth through 5th grade must be checked-in at our check-in desk where they will receive a dated nametag and their parent will be provided a corresponding dated security sticker. (3) Presentation of this security sticker by a parent is required in order to pick up children from birth through 1st grade. (4) Our facilities are professionally cleaned weekly and sanitized prior to every gathering.

Why do most kids and students come into the main worship gathering?
We believe that God enjoys the diversity of multiple generations, ethnicities, and cultures gathering together in worship of Him. We also believe parents are the primary disciplers of children so they should model corporate worship before them. Therefore, during our worship gatherings, we want as many of our people to gather together as possible.

Do you have a ministry to…?
We believe the Gospel is what changes people, so we try to keep things simple and focused. This means we don’t have a dedicated ministry for every conceivable group. Instead, we seek to minister to every group by declaring and displaying the Gospel to one another through diverse worship and community.

Why is Providence a Baptist church and what do you believe?
Providence is confessional church whose membership is made up of believers in Jesus, baptized by emersion after conversion, who are committed to the Gospel presented in the Scripture. We are members of the Southern Baptist Convention because we agree with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000), support the North American and International Mission Boards, and value sound theological education.

What is your financial accountability like?
We have a team of lay people, affirmed by the church membership, who assist with our finances. They see all bank statements, lead the church in large expenditure decisions, oversee audits, and count all income. All financial statements are public and available upon request. Pastors never see any giving records, touch income, or know what an individual in the church gives.

What is the next step to become part of Providence?
If you are interested in learning more about Providence or joining our church, please attend a Starting Point Luncheon typically held on the 4th Sundays of each month. Our pastors are available to speak with you about membership, church, and what it means to follow Jesus.

Do you handle snakes, hang from chandeliers, wear weird robes, drink Kool-Aide, or otherwise humiliate yourselves?
Snakes: no. Chandeliers: we cant afford them so, no. Robes: no. Kool-Aide: no, we try to avoid Red 40 food coloring. Humiliate ourselves: often but just because we are pretty normal folk. We try to take ourselves very lightly but take Jesus very seriously.