An Overview of Our Security and Policies

The Basics —

  • Two people, one of them over the age of 18, must be with children all the time.
  • All preschoolers must be checked in when they arrive and wear a name tag sticker. Parents must keep the duplicate sticker for check out.
  • When you pick up your child, you will be required to show your copy of the check-in sticker. It will be matched with your child’s sticker before you can leave.
  • If a child or servant is showing any signs of communicable disease (fever, vomiting, runny nose, uncovered rash…), please stay out of the children and preschool areas. We want to prevent any avoidable transmission of disease to your children.
  • Help us maintain a safe area by not coming into the preschool wing unless you are dropping off, picking up your child, or serving. Only parents, children, and servants will be allowed in the children and preschool areas from 8:45 until 15 minutes after the service.
  • If you are serving with our preschoolers or children, you will need to wear a name tag.
  • All leaders must make sure they arrive 15 minutes early for their time of service.
  • While your child’s sticker will alert our teachers to allergies, we post information about special snacks. We normally serve Baked Goldfish, pretzel sticks, and butter crackers with apple juice or water on Sunday mornings (all of which are peanut and tree nut free). Please let us know if you need a different snack for your child.
  • If your child does not settle in, has an incident, or becomes ill, your security number will post on our screen in worship. Please come to the children’s area, and we will assist you and your child. If you otherwise need to check on your child, please limit your visit and be very discreet. Seeing a parent nearly always disrupts a child’s morning because they think it is time to leave.
  • Do not add any project to the supplied curriculum without speaking to Pastor John prior to the event.
  • Do not use any latex items (balloons, gloves…)
  • Do not bring any snack items without speaking to Pastor John prior to the event.
  • Do not prop open doors to maintain security.